Blogging Task #3

I am from Western Australia my family are originated from the US after 3 years we decided to come down to Australia and well when I was born my mum bought the house straight away and the house is 10 years old so same as my age.

Music Is Amazing!

Music is amazing I am vocalist Vocalist is my type vocalist is good for me I like vocalist i am loud like my teacher says and i know I’m pretty loud and i was like loud very loud enough talking about music

Yup, you heard this Sport Is More Amazing Than Music It’s true! Sport is more amazing than music! Also Yesterday we did a quick round of dodgeball we also did chicken race to start sport after chicken race we did leader ball, Jumps then you know I talked about it at the start of sport speech  Quick Round Of Dodgeball

At Saturday, I played Blox Fruits and some Tower of Misery I completed the towers in Roblox Tower Of Misery 3-4 times it was easy My Friend joined me on Roblox and said the game was easy to be honest, I agreed with him in my mind That’s it for my blog post!



This Term

This Term, Last Tuesday we had art, Last Wednesday we did have science Last Friday, We had senior sport This Monday, We had sport Yesterday we had art Today we have His Name Was Walter book/novel.

Story Starters II

1. Long time ago, Ray played around until his mum called him, to come home Once, He came back home poof!! his mum was gone.

2. Once upon a time, There was a boy named Jay, He wanted to climb the ladder to see the whole world!

3. Early one morning, Daddy went to interact with Conar and He wanted to talk to him, and said, “How was school?”

I am from

I am from
I am from vlog-vlogging can be a handful
I am from nether world-the world that is burning hot!

I am from Flame-Flaming in the streets

I am from Antarctica-The place I would want to cool off.

I am from Dungeon-Locked up in a dungeon

I am from BedWars-Winning in every match.

I am from School-The place where people learn at.

I am from manners-using my manners.

Made by Daniel Aabidi

Recount – This Holiday

Hello, I played games online, I also played games irl I also went to my cousin’s house and we also had a dinner party at other family’s house me and my cousins had so much fun i also met my best friends which was a bit annoying but he wasn’t annoying there then we looked at some houses note: we are still trying to get a house for my brother and his wife.

Mental Health

My hobby is gaming there is games that are my favourite and games that I hate My favourite game is Roblox one of my most favourited game of all, Minecraft is also my favourite game followed along with Pokémon Games I hate is fortnite ahhhh fortnite one of the games I played and always died on, But It is boring for me I am burnt out of it. I also did not like recording fortnite videos they are bad and also doomsday is the game I hate well, mostly not known of so it counts as the games I hate I don’t play because what’s the point of playing a secret game.

Thanks for reading my blog!

What I did this week

I played games at home this week and playing games in real life, I played basketball at my front yard it was fun I like basketball because it is fun, and it cures my bore. whenever I’m bored and it’s daytime, I play basketball to cure my bore i also watched tv because i like watching tv it is fun, It also cure my bore.


Let’s do a podcast in one of our blogs! Compassion
I fumbled in my voice line, I was laughing in it, it was good or meh for me it was fine overall, I did real decent in it my voice line was decent, you know my voice line was decent many fumbles like 3-4 fumbles in it not too much fumbles it was good you know but overall, it was good or decent.

there was bad lines in my voice line but it was chill.